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How To Install Kali NetHunter on Termux (No Root) + Tutorial Video

Hi Sobat Kekasi, this time we will learn about How To Install Kali NetHunter on Termux Android (No Root). For those who haven’t install Termux can follow the tutorial in Guideline to Using Termux for Beginner. For sobat Kekasi who don’t know what is Kali NetHunter, i will explain a little bit about it.

Kali NetHunter is a penetration test platform (ethical hack) based on Kali Linux for android device. NetHunter can run on non-rooted phone or rooted phone.

NetHunter have their own app store named NetHunter App Store. This application contained a repository for a penetration test and digital forensics app. Based on F-Droids, NetHunter app store deleted the full telemetry brought by the F-Droids.

Now sobat Kekasi can run the Kali NetHunter from Termux on android phone without root with this guideline.

How To Install Kali NetHunter on Termux

You guys can watch the tutorial video about How To Install Kali NetHunter on Termux (No Root). Before you install it, make sure your internet network signal and your internal storage are adequate. See the following steps about How To Install Kali NetHunter on Termux:

  1. Open Termux application
  2. Update and upgrade it first by command apt update && apt upgrade
  3. Tyoe command “cd $HOME” without the quootation mark
  4. Download Script Kali NetHunter from GitHub Hax4us
  5. Type command : curl -LO
  6. Change the permission with command : chmod +x kalinethunter
  7. Running the installation Script Kali NetHunter with command : ./kalinethunter
  8. The installation process will download Kali Hunter file sized 1,5GB. So make sure your storage and network are adequate
  9. After the installation process is finish, type command : startkali
  10. Use command startkali to start the nethunter. The default user is kali and the password is also kali
  11. If you wan to start nethunter as a root user, use command startkali -r

Tutorial Video

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